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black angus beef cows and calves on local cattle farm ranch

About Us

The best beef comes from a life well lived!

Falling Sun Ranch is a regenerative grazing cattle company located on 155 acres in southeast Missouri. We offer pasture raised beef, fresh from the field in your choice of grass or grain finishing. Our mission is to raise happy, healthy cattle by providing a stress free, nutritious environment for them to thrive. Because a happy, healthy cow means more tender, flavorful beef for you. 

black angus beef cows and calves on local cattle farm ranch

“I do not believe there was ever a life more attractive than life on a cattle farm”  

- Theodore Roosevelt

cattle forage grass on local beef farm cattle ranch

Pasture Raised

Our cattle are born and raised in open pastures to roam and graze freely, not in feedlots or barns that cause stress and diseases

All Natural

No artificial flavors, coloring or chemical preservatives are used during processing and packaging

Hormone Free

We never use synthetic hormones to speed up our cattle’s growth to rush a harvest

Stress Free

Helps promote better weight gain and milk production, while decreasing the risk of injuries and diseases