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Welcome to Falling Sun Ranch

Meet the Pizzo Family

Falling Sun Ranch is a regenerative grazing cattle company located in southeast Missouri. We offer farm raised beef fresh from the field in your choice of either grass finished or grain finished. Our mission is to raise happy, healthy cattle by providing a stress free nutritious environment for them to thrive. Because a happy, healthy cow means more tender, flavorful beef for you!

sunset on cattle ranch
black angus beef grass fed grain fed open pastures

We Offer

Bulk Beef: Quarter, half and full beef shares in your choice of either grass finished or grain finished

Young Steers: Raise your own beef for harvesting at a processor of your choice

local farmers eat more beef

Beef Harvest

Harvest Age: We follow USDA’s standards and harvest before cattle are 2.5 years old

Beef Processing: We use family owned Missouri state inspected, USDA facilities


Hormone Free

No synthetic hormones are used to accelerate growth

All Natural

No artificial flavors, coloring or chemical preservatives

Pasture Raised

Born and raised in open pastures to roam and graze freely

Stress Free

Better weight gain and milk production, less risk of injury and disease 


Our cows mean more to us than just their tag numbers, that’s why everyone gets a name

Bonnie & Clyde
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New to the herd calf cow barbwire

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black angus cattle
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