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About Us

The best beef comes from a life well lived!

Falling Sun Ranch is a regenerative grazing cattle company nestled in rural southeast Missouri on 155 acres in Bonne Terre, 60 miles south of St. Louis. We offer pasture raised, grass fed beef shares in your choice of grass finished or grain finished beef. Our mission is to raise happy, healthy cattle in a stress free, nutritious environment to allow them to thrive. Because a happy, healthy cow means more tender, flavorful local farm raised beef for you!


Why buy beef from Falling Sun Ranch?

Pasture Raised

Our cattle are born and raised in open pastures to roam and graze freely, not in feedlots or barns that lead to stress and diseases

All Natural

No artificial flavors, coloring or chemical preservatives are used during processing

Hormone Free

We will never use synthetic hormones to speed up our cattle’s growth to rush a harvest date, they grow at their natural pace

Stress Free

Promotes better weight gain and milk production, while decreasing the risk of injuries and diseases

grass fed pasture raised beef cattle forage grass

We make it as easy as

Buying farm fresh beef direct from your local ranch shouldn’t be overwhelming.
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complete the reservation request form on the Order Now page.

mail deposit check to the ranch.

Fill Your Freezer -

all cuts and ground beef are vacuum sealed.

grass fed pasture raised beef cattle forage grass

We Offer

Bulk Beef Packages in

Quarter Cow


your choice of grass finished or grain finished

Quarter Cow Approximately: 120 to 180 lbs ​*

Price Per Pound: $6.50 finished hanging weight **

Deposit Required (non-refundable): $250

Includes: Standard Cut List

* final beef amount will vary based on individual cow    

** price subject to change without notice pending market conditions

Ready to Order Farm Fresh Beef?

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Come along on our journey and discover what’s happening here at the ranch, from birth to consumption and everything in between!


Now Offering

Locally Raised, Farm Fresh Pork

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