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About Us

Falling Sun Ranch is a regenerative grazing cattle company. This means we closely manage where and for how long our cattle forage, unlike more conventional approaches that allow cattle to graze continuously on the same pasture. Regenerative grazing improves soil health, enhances grass regrowth, produces a nutrient rich food supply and extends the grazing season to allow our cattle to eat healthy, green grass longer.


We are passionate about what we do and actively seek opportunities to ensure the best for our cattle. We have successfully completed the USDA’s three day grazing course, Management of Intensive Grazing, through the University of Missouri.

Raising cattle isn’t always about the sweet baby calves and their cute little moos. It’s also the time spent in the tractor on the merry-go-round of hay season. But we wouldn’t change it!

Falling Sun Ranch
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We do not use any growth hormones to accelerate our cattle’s growth. Instead, we focus on providing them with open pastures that are full of fresh grass and forage to support their natural growth and development. This is important because our cattle spend their whole lives in the pastures roaming, grazing, and calving.


The best beef comes from a life well lived! That’s why we are passionate about what we do and are committed to raising our cattle in a stress free and nutritious environment to make certain they are happy, healthy and thriving. We interact daily with the herd; rotating them to different pastures for grazing and checking on their health and body condition but best of all, to rub and love on them. Our cattle mean more to us than just a tag number - they are a part of our family. That’s why we name each and every one of them. We raise our cattle with care and spoil them with love!

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