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Farm in Bonne Terre Missouri

We Offer

At Falling Sun Ranch, we know that the best beef comes from a life well lived. That’s why we pride ourselves in raising happy, healthy cattle in a stress free, nutritious environment. Our cattle are born, raised and grass fed in open pastures without the use of synthetic hormones. This results in tender, flavorful beef that you can feel good about consuming. Our bulk beef shares are available in quarter, half, and whole cow packages, with your choice of grass finished or grain finished options.


Our commitment to ensuring our beef is of the highest quality means that we are dedicated to partnering with another small business who shares our same standards. That is why we're proud to work with family-owned Missouri state inspected processors to continue the level of excellence we strive for.

Cow and Piglet

Guess What?

We have added piglets to the ranch! You know what that means!


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