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Timeless Fence System offers versatility that other fencing products lack

The Timeless Fence system is composed of Rigid PVC T-Posts, H-Posts, Corner Kits, End Brace Kits, and Droppers – all designed to last for many years with minimal upkeep. The posts never need painting and will never rust or rot. The UV protective coating is backed by a 20 year warranty. 


Many cattle farmers choose barbed wire simply because “old fashioned” electric fencing on steel posts is easily shorted out. Made from non-conducting Rigid PVC, (with no breakable insulators needed) Timeless Fence makes frustrating charging problems a thing of the past.


No Rot

Easy Maintenance

20 Year


Made In

The U.S.A.

No Rust

Waterproof Design


What makes Timeless Fence a good choice?

And why we use it on our beef cattle ranch!

Easy to Install

Farmers and ranchers across the U.S.A. and around the world are finding that Timeless Fencing is easy to install. Posts are pre-drilled every three inches to greatly reduce cost and installation time.

Self Insulating

Ideal for installing electric wire – no insulators needed. High-Tensile wire and electric braid can be threaded directly through the post for an extremely strong, virtually maintenance-free fence.

Strong Yet Flexible

Timeless Fence posts absorb impact and bounce back, making it all but impossible to break under normal use. NEVER Rusts or Rots: Replace wood and steel posts once with the Timeless Fence System and use your extra time on productive tasks - not fence repair.

Lasting Beauty

You’ll be proud to see this good looking fence along your property. The satin-like finish on these posts maintains its new look for many years.

Made from
Recycled Materials

We use Rigid PVC that is also used in vinyl window frames to make the Timeless Fence System. This material is ground and extruded into our posts. It is weatherable and UV protected. The life expectancy is 40+ years. Timeless Fence Posts are an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional steel t-posts and wood posts widely used in construction, farming, landscaping, and erosion control.

Timeless Fence Offers

a variety of products for all your fencing needs including T-Posts, H-Posts, corners and braces; garden “pea” posts; electric netting for poultry, predators, goats and sheep; livestock waterers; step-in posts and polybraid geared wire reels for rotational grazing; spring gate kits; energizers, unigizers and solar units; fencing tools; fencing wire; post drivers; wire connectors and tighteners. 

Interested in learning more about how you can use the Timeless Fence System on your farm or ranch?

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